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Why Choose Adam's Moving?


Compare our Advantages

As an independent mover we can offer the following advantages compared to a national mover:

  1. Claim-free service.  The latest household statistics show about 1 out of every 4 shippers files a claim averaging $900.  Adam’s Moving has never had an insurance claim filed since we began our service in 1988.  Our experience and professionalism does make a difference!
  2. Personalized service.  With the national movers, you may be dealing with up to seven different people in seven different cities (estimator, packer, loader, driver, origin and destination agents, booker).  With Adam’s Moving, you deal with Leon – the owner, estimator, packer and driver.  This process reduces the risk of miscommunication and allows a much more comfortable working relationship during your entire move.
  3. On time service.  With the national movers, you may be delayed at the last minute because they tend to overbook shipments during peak moving times.  Adam’s Moving has had 100% on time pickup and delivery dates since 1988.  We also offer the fastest delivery schedule available if you desire.
  4. Dependable trucks.  The national movers usually use cumbersome semi-trailer trucks to haul your household goods along with many other shipments which may be intermingled around your shipment.  Adam’s Moving uses late model straight trucks.  Some of the advantages of these trucks include:
    1. Usually your shipment is the only one in the truck, therefore eliminating the chance of intermingling with other shipments, thus no lost or misplaced goods
    2. These trucks can be parked closer to the residence, reducing the risk of adverse weather conditions
    3. These trucks are shorter in height, therefore, reducing the risk of crushing or breakage of your goods
  5. Experience.  With the national movers, you don’t know whether you will be getting their best or worst movers until it is too late.  Our combined 60 years of experience involving every aspect of the moving profession (packing, loading, driving and management) are utilized in each move Adam’s Moving performs.


Adam’s Moving is licensed and insured to perform household goods moving in 48 states.  Based on our past performance records, along with personalized service, dependability and experience, you can be assured, Adam’s Moving is the best mover to perform your move!